Jeff Andrew

6th Grade Social Studies 

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The 6th grade Social Studies curriculum will provide students with an opportunity to study the five major themes of geography which includes location, place, interaction, movement, and regions of the world. Through the use of technology, cooperative learning, and hands-on activities, students explore and develop an awareness of ancient and modern cultures.

Social Studies is made up of three major parts. These include the following areas:


  • Opening Activity
  • Focus Lesson
  • Independent Work (can be individual or group work)


  1. Opening Activity- D.O.G. (Daily Oral Geography) Students daily use their Social Studies books and the LCD while trying to answer clues about the geography of the world.
  2. Focus Lesson – During this whole group instruction time, the teacher focuses on lessons about different cultures and Grade Level Expectations (GLE’s).  Please see the 6th Grade Objective Booklet for a complete list of units studied and the coordinating GLE’s.
  3. Independent Studies – Students will work independently or in small cooperative groups to accomplish the given task or project. They will practice skills taught in the focus lesson.  

Required Class Materials: 

  • Binder                                               
  • D.O.G. Composition Book            
  • Social Studies Textbook                 
  • Reading Book                                  
  • Writing Utensil                                 
  • Grading Pen
  • Notebook paper
  • An open mind, eager to learn 


  • Homework
  • Projects (in-class and take-home)
  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • D.O.G.  (Daily Oral Geography) Points

 Grading Policy:

Please see the student handbook for policies concerning absent/late work.

Discipline Procedures:

We feel there are certain rights the students should have in the classroom.

                1.  The right to feel safe.

                2.  The right to learn.

                3.  The right to be listened to.

   In order to guarantee these rights and establish an excellent educational climate we have developed a Discipline and Homework Policy that will be in effect at all times.

 Classroom Rules

When in our classroom students must comply with the following rules:


  • In the Right Place (at your seat)
  • At the Right Time (before the bell rings)
  • With the Right Equipment (all your supplies for learning)
  • With the Right Attitude (respectful and positive attitude for learning)

If a student breaks a rule, the following consequences will occur:

First Violation:  Redirect the student

Second/Third Violation:  A choice of parent contact, buddy room with a think sheet, safe seat, detention, or processing the situation with the teacher

Third Violation:  Send to Principal

* If a student is severely disruptive, he or she will be sent immediately to the principal.