Energy Unit Study Suggestions for Test
Below are some study suggestions:

                                 * Word Wall/ (review vocabulary for this unit)

                                 * Know the difference between potential/kinetic

                                 * Review  "Energy Transformation"  

                                 * Difference between static electricity 
                                            and current electricity  (book)

                                 * open/closed circuit

                                 * series/parallel circuit

                                 * Electromagnet/Bar Magnet  (pg29-31; 
                                             pg 104 q.21 and 105 q4&5)    

Practice Test Questions:

1.  Why does a compass point North?

2.  Rubbing you socks on the carpet, jumping on the trampoline and clothes sticking together in the dryer are all examples of what kind of transfer of charge?

3.  List 3 good insulators

4.  Are the following potential or kinetic energy?

                                 wind blowing
                                 gun powder exploding
                                 ball flying through the air
answers below:

(1.  the magnetized compass needle aligns itself to the earth's magnetic field   2.  friction    3.  glass, rubber, plastic    4.  all are kinetic