Unit 1 Science Process
The following are vocabulary students need to be familiar with:
independent variable
dependent variable
controlled experiment
qualitative/quantitative observations

Students need to be able to measure using metric system and how to read measurements from a graduated cylinder, beaker, meter stick and triple beam balance scale.

Below are some sample questions that could be on the test:

*Which of the following would NOT be a good hypothesis for the following investigative question?
"In what condition will sunflowers grow best?"

a.  Sunflowers grow best in full sun
b.  Sunflowers grow best in pots
c.  Sunflowers grow best with 1 tsp. of fertilizer added to the water once a week.
d.  Sunflowers grow best in the ground, full sun, and 1 C. of water each day

        *Short Essay:  Write a brief paragraph describing at least 3 qualities/characteristics a scientist needs.  Use one of the scientists we read about as an example of those good qualities.

*What are the 3 SI units of measurement?    __________,   __________, ___________