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Upcoming Events

October Book Clubs Dates

All book clubs meet during lunch
Please get a skip the lunch line pass from Mrs. Peirce
unless you bring a lunch
Do not come to book club unless you signed up ahead of time

Chick Lit. October 3rd, 17th, 31st all grades

Fantopia 7th and 8th
October 2nd, 26th

Fantopia 6th Group A
October 2nd, November 2nd

Fantopia 6th Group B
October 2nd, October 26th

Anime  all grades
October 15th, 29th

November Dates
Fantopia 6th
Group A- November 2nd and 15th
Group B-  November 9th and 30th

7th and 8th Fantopia
November 9th and 30th

Chick Lit. November 14th and 28th

November 12th and 26th

Please email me if you have any questions