About the Library

Welcome to the Library!!
The OGMS Media Center is open from 7:10 to 2:30 M-F

The library is organized by Fiction and Nonfiction.
Each fiction genre and is colored coded.
1. Fantasy- yellow
2. Sci-Fi - dark blue
3. Mystery- light blue
4. Paranormal-  forest green
5. Sports- green and yellow
6. Humor- light blue and dark blue
7. Chick Lit- light pink
8. Holocaust- light purple
9. Fairy tales- dark purple
10. Animals- light gray
11. Action/Adventure- light green
12. Classics- Classic label
13. Graphic Novels- GN sticker
14. Dystopian- copper and light orange
15. Realist- light orange
16. Biographies- Bio label
17. Verse novels- VN label
18. War- copper