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Upcoming Events
Reading Celebration
 When:  Thursday, May 18th
Time:  12:20 to 2:30
Where: The Fabulous Library
Who: All Chick Lit Clubs, Club Dread, and Elite Readers
What to Bring: Any book club books still out, snacks to share, and YOU!
Guest Speaker: APRIL HENRY!!! April Henry will by Skyping with us at 1:00!  She has lots of fun things to share with us, have your questions ready!

April/May Book Club Books
The Outsiders
Keeping the Moon
Jessica Darlings It List
Rapunzel Untangled
Saint Anything

New Books in the Library!
This new collection of STEM and other NF books will surely entertain you!  Lots of interesting topics! Make sure to "CHECK THEM OUT".  Guess what is even cooler?  You can download all of the books to your personal devices. Now you will Always have a book on hand :)
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